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CitectSCADA V7.10: upgraded Microsoft integration

Citect has equipped the latest edition of CitectSCADA, V7.10, with Windows Integrated Security and support for Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • 24 November, 2008 15:47

<p>Citect has equipped the latest edition of CitectSCADA, V7.10, with Windows Integrated Security and support for Microsoft Windows Vista.</p>
<p>Windows security integration allows for easier maintenance of CitectSCADA as it is no longer necessary to create and maintain user accounts within the SCADA system. Instead, users of the SCADA system can simply use their network username and password to access the CitectSCADA system.</p>
<p>“Previously, when a new employee started with a company, or a staff member left, user names would have to be created or disabled within the company network and then within the SCADA system,” explains Stephen Flannigan, Global Director, CitectSCADA. “Windows Integrated Security means that once an employee is added to, or removed from, the network they are also automatically added or removed from the SCADA system.”</p>
<p>Compliance can be easily implemented with the Dual Signature functionality which provides a second level of authorisation for actions. Some operations may have regulatory, environmental or other consequences, and processes dictate that a second level of authorisation is required before the action proceeds.</p>
<p>“A typical scenario where Dual Signatures can be used is when an operator needs to change a critical set point for an operation, but before the change is sent to the controller, their supervisor also has to enter their user name and password to confirm the action,” explains Flannigan.</p>
<p>According to Craig Resnick, Research Director, ARC Advisory Group, a key demand for manufacturers is for their solution providers to bring the benefits of standardisation to security.</p>
<p>“Security is viewed as a cost by most organisations, making it a good candidate for standardisation,” says Resnick. “Standardisation of security solutions can control costs, accelerate security programs and provide a framework for satisfying increasing regulation and compliance requirements.</p>
<p>“Products such as CitectSCADA V7.10 that leverage standardisation through Windows Integrated Security, also provide manufacturers with an economic benefit in terms of increased system availability by reducing security risks that can result in unscheduled downtime, equipment unavailability, disruption of processes, or even the destruction of plant equipment.”</p>
<p>CitectSCADA V7.10 introduces other features including new symbols, Microsoft Excel 2007 integration and graphics enhancements that make the package easier to configure, operate and maintain. For example:</p>
<p>· Additional symbols to choose from means configuration and maintenance time is reduced because engineers don’t have to create custom symbols to represent parts of a plant;
· The improved integration with Microsoft Excel 2007 allows users to make bulk configuration changes simply and easily; and
· The ability to change the properties of text such as font, size and style on buttons makes the CitectSCADA V7.10 interface more user-friendly, while enhancements to the way text is displayed means that the graphics pages look better on different resolution monitors.</p>
<p>Enhancements have been made to the custom alarm fields within CitectSCADA V7.10. This functionality can provide guidance on actions to be taken as a result of an alarm, more easily disable or temporarily shelve alarms for maintenance and improve the filtering capability.</p>
<p>Citect continues to improve the security of CitectSCADA and various security upgrades have been made in the V7.10 release.</p>
<p>About Citect</p>
<p>Citect is a global provider of industrial and facilities automation, real-time intelligence, and next generation manufacturing execution systems (MES). Leveraging open technologies, CitectSCADA, CitectFacilities and Ampla connect to multiple plant and business systems. Its products are complemented by Professional Services, Global Customer Support and Educational Services. Distributed in more than 80 countries worldwide, Citect solutions are installed in numerous industries: mining, metals, food and beverage, manufacturing, facilities, water/wastewater, oil &amp; gas, power generation/distribution and pharmaceuticals. Citect has offices in Oceania, Africa, the Americas, China, Europe, India, Japan and Southeast Asia.</p>

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