Geek Week: Obama gets gamed, Google Apps shamed

What do Obama, Google, and Microsoft have in common? They're all in this week's Cringely roundup. Read on to find out why.

Game on, dude. In what it hopes will be a game-changing move, the Obama campaign is taking out ads in, of all places, video games. The Obamanistas are placing billboard ads inside nine EA games on the Xbox Live network, hoping to reach 18- to 34-year-old males who'd rather twiddle their joysticks than pull a voting machine lever. It's a smart idea, though I think inserting Obama into Grand Theft Auto and having him bust a cap in McCain's a** was overdoing it a bit. [Note to the ironically impaired: I'm just kidding.]

Forecast: dark and getting darker. The future of cloud computing got a little more overcast this week when Google began unilaterally tweaking its Apps Start pages, introducing bugs and causing havoc for folks that rely on Google goodies to run their businesses. This happened on the same week Googlers experienced yet another extended and as-yet-unexplained Gmail outage. Have the Gmen finally bit off more than they can Gchew?

Steve Ballmer, marketing genius. Need more evidence why Steve Ballmer really needs to follow Bill Gates into retirement? Earlier this week The Mad Ballmer declared the newly minted "Windows 7" to be just like Vista, only "a lot better." Isn't that a bit like Goodyear announcing it's launched a new blimp that's just like the Hindenburg, only slightly less flammable?

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