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Sterling Commerce Introduces New Managed File Transfer Capabilities That Cuts Server Change Management Time in Half

Sterling Control Center – Configuration Manager Expedites Mass Server Upgrades to Accommodate Constantly Changing MFT Initiatives and Security Policies
  • 14 October, 2008 09:41

<p>MELBOURNE, October 14, 2008 ─ Sterling Commerce, an AT&amp;T Inc (NYSE:T) company, today announced Sterling Control Center – Configuration Manager™, part of its industry-leading managed file transfer (MFT) offering, which enables customers to meet increasingly strict compliance and security regulations.</p>
<p>By providing a single, unified interface for quickly and easily changing distributed file transfer servers, Sterling Control Center – Configuration Manager can cut in half the time required for managing change requests, such as when companies need to remove or modify server permission when an employee leaves or change encryption options to comply with new security policies.</p>
<p>“As IT modernisation initiatives continue to grow, and applications and infrastructures are upgraded or replaced, the underlying communication foundation should also be modernised,” said L. Frank Kenney, research director at Gartner. “New solutions should have streamlined capabilities to change settings and have better security and auditing capabilities as these solutions improve internal operational efficiency and offer better overall manageability.”</p>
<p>Sterling Control Center – Configuration Manager is providing capabilities to enable companies to keep up with today’s fast-paced, constantly changing business environment. Most companies’ file transfer environments are decentralised with many point-to-point connections, making centralised management more difficult. Complicating the matter are the increasingly strict compliance and security requirements that companies must adhere to, leading to policy changes, audits and hardware replacement.</p>
<p>“Managed file transfer is quickly becoming one of the most important corporate IT initiatives because organisations are facing increasingly complex data security and compliance requirements. They require advanced tools and solutions to provide effective visibility and efficient management of the movement of critical data,” said Geoff Baird, vice president, Managed File Transfer for Sterling Commerce. “Sterling Control Center – Configuration Manager sets the standard in helping organisations meet those requirements by delivering a new level of centralised, efficient server administration of critical managed file transfer servers.”</p>
<p>Sterling Control Center – Configuration Manager applies to Connect:Direct servers. Connect:Direct is the leading point-to-point file transfer software optimised for high-volume, secure, assured delivery of files within and among enterprises. Sterling Control Center – Configuration Manager offers central configuration for creating, updating and deleting change requests, and cross-platform search and mass upgrade functions. Other management capabilities for reducing complexity for distributed file transfer platforms include:</p>
<p>- Change controls to better audit and meet compliance reporting and tracking requirements, which can be retained or restored when needed</p>
<p>- Policy management templates to proactively identify non-compliance related to file transfer configuration</p>
<p>About Sterling Commerce</p>
<p>Sterling Commerce, an AT&amp;T Inc (NYSE:T) company, helps customers thrive in a global economy by connecting their business communities, processes, people, and technology. More than 30,000 customers worldwide – including 82 percent of the Fortune 500 – use Sterling Commerce solutions for business process integration. multi-channel selling, and supply chain fulfilment to improve profitability inside and outside their company walls. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Sterling Commerce has offices in 19 countries and most major cities around the world. More information on the company can be found at</p>

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