Debate IT: IT contractors: Overpaid or worth it?

Are IT contractors just in it for the money? Do they fit into your team environment? Will they be first out the door if/when the recession hits?

Preliminary research released by Monash University this week indicated that independent contracting is the occupation of choice for one fifth of Australia’s workforce, and is most prevalent in the Communications Services industry.

According to the research IT contractors had a common theme: they rated earning more money as the number one reason for their job choice, followed by stimulating work and control over their working situation.

But despite attractive salary and stimulating work environments, many IT contractors expressed that they were not able to fully contribute their expertise to a project and were sometimes underutilised. On the flip side, contractors can make employees feel undervalued as employees can often work harder and get paid less.

Bringing in contractors has the potential to create a security risk for an organisation’s corporate network, but in times of economic uncertainty, tight budgets and recruitment freezes, companies still need work to get done and this has made the hiring of independent contractors all the more appealing.

Is contracting appealing to you? Why?

Are you re-evaluating what skills and certifications are needed to ensure you are an IT survivor in the current economic climate? Do you think contractors are first to go in economic uncertainty?

Tell us about your experiences with contracting or working with contractors…

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