Debate IT: The Wall Street crisis - an IT boom or bust?

What does the Wall St Crisis mean for you and your business?

Good news is finally starting to emerge from the rubble left by the recent Wall Street collapse, particularly for the IT sector.

Interest in risk management technologies and compliance management products is expected to increase as financial companies attempt to comply with predicted new regulations and gain a competitive edge.

Hope is beginning to sweep through the industry as IT suddenly becomes an attractive career path once again, bringing a welcome change after the tech sector initially suffered a crash of its own as ongoing struggles hit, among others, those trying to take new companies public.

The US tech sector has been hardest hit, with companies like Apple experiencing a 23 per cent drop in share prices.

Adding to the drama is the prediction that financial services firms will increase their use of offshore outsourcing and will cut more US jobs on top of the layoffs already announced.

Analytics, SOA, storage networking and cloud computing providers are also expected to face significant fallout as financial customers disappear.

The varying fates of IT companies and investors has left us wondering which businesses will boom amidst the drama, and which will bust.

What does the Wall St Crisis mean for you and your business? Are you paying attention, have you grown sick of the hype, or are your concerned about the security of your organisation and indeed your very own job?

Who do you think will suffer the most in the IT industry?

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