Blog: VMware Chief Redefines Virtualization, But Doesn't Make Case for Real Innovation

The security of the Cisco vSwitch is still to be determined by outside sources. Paul Maritz also stated things were not quite ready.

Management has also changed with vCenter. vCenter the new version of VirtualCenter is much more modular but will allow the management of a cloud of virtual resources (multiple ESX hosts). Future versions, Maritz says, will be able to support both onsite and offsite hosts within the cloud.

The connotations of these new concepts changes how many people think of virtualization.

I've written several times that VMware must innovate in order to remain relevant and competitive. However, redefinition is not innovation.

The Cisco vSwitch is innovative. Cisco couldn't deliver that functionality without VMware. Innovation like that and, hopefully, the new v-products from VMware will keep VMware going as it competes against Microsoft and Citrix.

I'm just hoping there's more innovation in the VDC-OS reality than in the plan that relies so much on name changes and redefinitions.

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