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Saropa uptake takes-off

Saropa Pty Ltd today announced the first six financial services firms using the Saropa personal disaster recovery and underinsurance assessment service since the platform launch less than a month ago.
  • 15 September, 2008 23:41

<p>Sydney, NSW - 15 September 2008 - Saropa Pty Ltd today announced the first six financial services firms using the Saropa service since the platform launch less than a month ago.</p>
<p>Eastern seaboard practices including Surveyor Financial Services, Future Wealth Planners, Smyth Financial Services, Australian Finance Planners, Moneycat Consulting and Finwel are now providing Saropa to clients.</p>
<p>'Many advisers are concerned about client defection to other professional services organisations,' said Rob Corben, Saropa director and co-founder. 'Saropa is a great retention tool and barrier to client switching.'</p>
<p>Kurt Smyth at Smyth Financial Services sees Saropa as a client 'must-have' and is keen to take first-mover advantage over other professional services firms.</p>
<p>'Saropa is an important value-add that further enhances our overall client value proposition,' commented Smyth. 'In an increasingly competitive market these are the sort of service features that help our practice stand-out from the crowd.'</p>
<p>According to Michael New at Surveyor Financial Services, signing with Saropa was an easy value-adding decision that complements Surveyor's client value proposition.</p>
<p>'We were impressed at how easily Saropa helps to counter the underinsurance problem and felt our clients would appreciate the service as well,' said New.</p>
<p>'Saropa conveniently provides an area that we can outsource with confidence, yet adds value in our ongoing customer care strategy. Being a fee for service business we have also decided that all revenue will be donated to charity. For us, Saropa is more about increasing our value to clients,' commented New.</p>
<p>The Saropa online solution enables financial advisers to offer clients a personal disaster recovery and underinsurance assessment service. Additionally, as a result of Saropa's relationship with CGU Insurance, advisers are able to earn fee income on any CGU policy sold via the solution.</p>
<p>Further information and solution demonstrations are available online at</p>
<p>About the Saropa solution</p>
<p>The next-generation Saropa solution can help protect what's precious to Australians - be it possessions, personally significant photos, house, car, property or important documents. It provides a secure, remote repository for vital personal data if a disaster occurs, enabling the retrieval of information such as insurance policy details, detailed contents listing and vital documents. It can also help to identify underinsurance situations and alert users so a course of action can be taken prior to any claim situation.</p>
<p>About Saropa Pty Ltd</p>
<p>Saropa Pty Ltd is an Australian technology company established in 2007. With a strong background in financial services and technology, Saropa uses modern web technologies to provide easy, no effort revenue streams for clients while also assisting Australians to avoid underinsurance and recover more easily after a disaster.</p>

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