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Office Workers Resigned to Network Delays

Users report poor computer performance issues and slow problem resolution.
  • 11 September, 2008 13:00

<p>Employees have become wearily resigned to the delays associated with buses, trains and traffic jams that can inevitably precede their arrival at work, but the delays don’t stop even when they reach their desks.</p>
<p>According to new research findings in Dimension Data’s report on Network Performance Frustration, over 50% of users who report a network problem to their organisations’ IT support department will only have that problem resolved “eventually”.</p>
<p>In Australia, the results were far worse. When users were asked if their organisation’s IT support was able to help them with a network problem, 65% of users said their problem was solved “eventually”.</p>
<p>The research surveyed 957 IT users and 267 IT decision-makers responsible for managing IT networks across Europe, Australia, Central and Latin America, Far East, Middle East and Africa and North America. In Australia, 100 IT users and 40 IT decision-markers were polled for the research.</p>
<p>“Office workers need to be more demanding of their IT department,” said George Atrash, Dimension Data’s General Manager of Connectivity, explaining: “An organisation’s IT department needs to be made aware of the delays users are encountering, and to understand the impact of poor network performance. The delays users are encountering could be dramatically – and easily – reduced with more demanding workers and the appropriate technology.”</p>
<p>He added: “For organisations wanting to attract more IT-savvy, connected workers, they need to provide the right systems that will enable them to monitor and optimise their networks according to their workers’ needs.”</p>
<p>The research which was sponsored by Blue Coat Systems, also indicates that the average user typically wastes at least two hours per month on network-induced delays, which could total up to two to three days’ productivity lost per year.</p>
<p>“According to users, the biggest performance bottlenecks were file transfers and network log-ins, and while email delays were not typically as lengthy as other applications, its heavy usage means that it has a disproportionately heavy impact – with an average of 25 minutes lost per month,” explained Mr Atrash.</p>
<p>One would expect that delays of this nature and frequency would cause significant employee frustration, but the report shows that frustration levels among users are surprisingly moderate.</p>
<p>Over 75% of the users surveyed believe that their network performance is satisfactory, and of the frustrated users, most were somewhat – rather than very – frustrated, implying that few are frustrated enough to complain. This is despite the fact that 30% of users report frequently slow running computers and system crashes.</p>
<p>“Indeed, IT users seem to have such low expectations of network performance that delays are deemed par for the course. The research implies they have become resigned to poor network performance and the impact these delays have on their productivity and job satisfaction,” commented Mr Atrash.</p>
<p>“In Australia, the findings show an even bigger chasm, with a 25% gap between the perception of IT users and IT decision-makers in terms of IT’s responsiveness to network problems. And, while just over 40% of IT decision-makers concur that users have their network problems resolved eventually, a larger percentage still believe such network problems are resolved instantly. From an end-user perspective, our research reveals this is not the case.”</p>
<p>About Dimension Data</p>
<p>Dimension Data plc (LSE:DDT), a specialist IT services and solution provider, helps clients plan, build, support and manage their IT infrastructures. Dimension Data applies its expertise in networking, security, operating environments, storage and contact centre technologies and its unique skills in consulting, integration and managed services to create customised client solutions.</p>
<p>About Blue Coat</p>
<p>Blue Coat Systems, Inc., founded in 1996, (NASDAQ: BCSI) is a publicly-held company based in Sunnyvale, California. Blue Coat secures Web communications and accelerates business applications across the distributed enterprise. Blue Coat’s family of appliances and client-based solutions – deployed in branch offices, Internet gateways, end points, and data centers – provide intelligent points of policy-based control enabling IT organizations to optimise security and accelerate performance for all users and applications. Blue Coat has installed more than 8,000 customers worldwide and is ranked #1 by IDC in the Secure Content and Application Delivery market.</p>
<p>About the Dimension Data Network Performance Frustration Report</p>
<p>The Network Performance Frustration research was conducted from April through to June 2008 to investigate the challenges that poor network performance presents to organisations, their employees and their IT departments. The research was commissioned by Dimension Data, sponsored by Blue Coat Systems and conducted by Datamonitor.</p>
<p>The report is a summary of the key findings of the research and is available for download from</p>
<p>For more information:</p>
<p>Helen Han</p>
<p>Dimension Data</p>
<p>+612 8249 5684</p>

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