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Life on the cube farm puts everyone in close quarters, and sometimes a co-worker's idiosyncrasies can drive you mad. Many of us have encountered a colleague whose gymbag of sweaty clothes festers for weeks, or an office mate whose personal calls carry through the entire floor.

But if you're that person, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to focus a bit more on cube etiquette. I've gathered some tips for co-existing in cubicles and being a pleasant neighbor.

* "In a cube environment, professional behavior and manners must be elevated to a higher standard than in an environment where there are no workers sitting close by to one another," advises Jay Sampat in an article available on Peopleone Consulting's site at his recommendations: "Parks and beaches are meant for loitering, cubicles are not. Conversations free-float among people trying to make phone calls, read or write important documents and generally concentrate on their work. People need to be educated that they are proving a nuisance." Don't be a distraction.'s "Think outside the box to improve your cube life" suggests several etiquette guidelines ( Bryant points out that odors know no boundaries. If you eat at your desk, take your trash out promptly. What's more, respect your co-workers' privacy. Knock on cube walls before speaking, and ask permission before entering someone's cube.

* Get 12 tips for how to avoid annoying your co-workers from online training site Some of Sonya Kunkle's gems of advice for phone friendliness include turning off your phone's ringer when leaving the office and using a head-set instead of a speaker phone.

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