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More than 700 participants attended the second IT User Group Open Day recently which organisers described as huge: "It was bigger than Texas and the atmosphere was electric." To view pics go to flow of stories from IT shops about silly end user requests just keep coming. A user asks IT for a price on some replacement monitors, and IT obliges with prices for 19in monitors with black cases. User fires back: "The two quotes you provided were for black monitors. Can you tell me what the prices are for colour monitors?"


The Liberal party claims its computer system is so old "you have to shovel coal into it to make it work." According to executive member Alex Howen the old DOS system is ancient. "Scout groups have better technology than we have," he said calling on the party to overhaul its database before the March 2003 state election.

The IT industry is once again out in front in another employee survey -- this time for unethical behaviour. According to the TMP Worldwide survey those in IT are more likely to have an unethical boss and would cover up for their boss if it meant keeping their job. The survey of 6000 people nationwide revealed more than 35 per cent of employees have been pressured by their bosses to cover up unethical behaviour. And 38.8 per cent felt their job was at risk if they didn't comply.

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