Debate It: Privacy blues in Google Streetview

Google’s Streetview: an assault on our privacy or heaven sent depending on who you talk to.

Despite recent outages in services such as gmail, Google users remain largely satisfied with the organization’s applications and Web sites. This may be about to change with the introduction of Google Streetview however, as privacy activists are protesting the use of images of homes and offices without the consent of those residing or working within them.

Questions are now being asked of the Web site: has Google overstepped the mark this time? Or have we really lost the plot? Is the blurring of faces enough of a remedy or should greater measures be taken to ensure privacy? Would you like to be tracked down via a combination of Google’s offerings?

This debate is also roaring across the United States and throughout the EU , with terrorist threats being highlighted as a key security concern.

So is the Streetview Web site just too useful to worry about the security concerns, or is this the end of the world as we know it?

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