Caldera boosts its Linux education offerings

Think Red Hat is the only Linux certification in town? Checkout the new Linux education course tracks from Caldera.

The Linux company last week introduced its OpenLearningCourseware for Linux, a curriculum of Linux education designedto enhance Linux administration skills for both servers andworkstations, with a focus on large enterprise networks, thecompany says.

The course covers 31 areas of Linux system administration andtroubleshooting, including how to set up, configure and keep aLinux network running. Other topics cover how to run networkservices based on Linux servers, including Web and e-mailservers, as well as firewall security configuration with Linux.

All of the 31 Linux topics are packaged into a self-contained"Learning Unit," which the company says can help for quickabsorbing of the material. The Learning Units are divided amongfive course or tracks within the OpenLearning system, with eachunit spanning over two to five days. The five tracks are:

* Linux System Administration.

* Linux Network Infrastructure.

* Linux Network Services.

* Linux Enterprise Administration.

* Linux Enterprise Security.

Caldera will offer the OpenLearning Linux certification programthrough authorized education partners worldwide. A completeguide to the OpenLearning courses and locations for educationproviders can be found at:

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