Why we should ditch the office and work from home

Improving productivity and cutting pollution

The telework coalition has an interesting facts page on teleworking which lists details such as:

  • British Telecom, which has 80,000 employees, found productivity rose 31 per cent among its 9,000 teleworkers, due to lack of disruptions, stress and commuting time

  • AT&T found two-thirds of workers offered jobs by competitors remained with the company, citing telework as a major factor in their decision.

The bottom line, according to Dow Chemical: Administrative costs have dropped 50 per cent annually (15 per cent of which was attributed to commercial real estate costs.) Productivity increased by 32.5 per cent (10 per cent through decreased absenteeism, 16 per cent by working at home and 6.5 per cent by avoiding the commute.)

Nortel report that less than 1 per cent of telecommuters want to stop once they have started to telecommute.

April Dunford, Nortel's Director of Business Development, was interviewed recently about her experiences as a teleworker.

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