Intel pitches new components to server makers

Intel Corp. Wednesday announced a group of "building block" products for server makers and systems integrators including boards, chassis, controllers and adapters.

At the heart of the group are six server boards and chassis products for both general-purpose and rack-mounted servers, Intel said in a statement. The Intel Server Board SCB2 and Server Chassis SR1200 and SR2200 are aimed at the rack-mounted market, and are targeted for use in Internet applications including firewalls, clustered databases, streaming media servers and e-mail servers, Intel said.

The SCB2 board uses up to two Intel Pentium III processors with 512K bytes of cache, and is compatible with both 1U (1.75-inch) and 2U form factors, Intel said. The board also has three PCI (peripheral component interconnect) buses, which are used to connect the processor with peripherals in expansion slots.

The SCB2 board is designed to be used with the 1U form factor SR1200 and the 2U form factor SR2200 server chassis, Intel said. The SR1200 is for small Web servers and can hold up to three hard drives, while the larger SR2200 has six PCI slots and room for up to seven hard drives, allowing up to 504G bytes of total storage space, Intel said.

The SCB2 and SR1200 boards are both available immediately, while the SR2200 will be available within 60 days, Intel said. Typical distributor retail prices for the ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) version of the SCB2 are between US$485 and $605, while prices for the SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) version are between $620 and $775, Intel said. Prices for the SR1200 chassis range from $535 and $670.

Intel also announced the SDS2 and SAI2 boards and the SC5100 chassis, aimed at general purpose servers. The SDS2 was designed for small- and medium-sized workgroup environments using e-mail servers, proxy and caching servers, Web servers and database servers, Intel said. The SAI2 is aimed at file and print servers, intranet Web servers and terminal servers, the company said. The SDS2 and SAI2 server boards are built around the Pentium III processor with a 512K-byte cache, and designed to work with the SC5100 chassis, Intel said. All three products are expected to ship within 60 days.

The SDS2 supports one or two processors, up to six PCI slots, up to 6G bytes of SDRAM (Synchronous Dynamic RAM) and dual-channel SCSI with data transfer rates of 160M bits per second (bps) between the motherboard and peripherals. It also supports Intel's RAID (redundant array of independent disks) Controller SRCMR and features Intel's new standards-based Server Management software version 3.5, Intel said.

The SAI2 board supports up to two processors, six PCI slots, 4G bytes of SDRAM, two ATA/100 channels and local server monitoring. When used in the SC5100 chassis, the board will support up to five 1-inch SCSI or IDE (integrated drive electronics) drives for up to 400G bytes of storage, Intel said. The SC5100 is expected to ship within 60 days, Intel said.

The final board announced Wednesday is the S815BM1, designed for 1U servers. The board is designed for Web hosting, firewall and Domain Name Systems (DNS) functions, Intel said. The S815BM1 is available immediately, priced between $145 and $185, Intel said.

Intel also introduced two RAID controllers and the PRO/1000 XT Server adapter. The RAID Controller SRCMR is a hardware-based controller designed to work with the SCB2 or SDS2 server boards, Intel said. The RAID Controller SRCU32 is a high performance controller, with support for up to 256M bytes of RAM and battery backup. The controllers are expected to ship within 60 days, Intel said.

The PCI Ethernet server adapter allows data transmissions over copper network cables at up to 1G bps, Intel said. The low-profile adapter is based on Intel's single-chip Ethernet controller, and features a small bracket so it can be used with low-profile server designs. The Ethernet adapter is available immediately from distributors, priced between $199 and $225, Intel said.

Intel's Enterprise Platform and Services Division hopes to have a catalog of 30 different server building blocks by the end of 2001, the company said. More information about server products and services from Intel can be found at

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