Vent IT: Open Source - Ready for it?

Has your enterprise adopted open source software recently?

According to the president and CEO of Red Hat, Jim Whitehurst, children are taught as early as preschool that sharing is an essential part of learning to get along with others.

Yet some people still can't grasp the concept of sharing code or they reject open source software because of the monetary value of ideas.

Claiming that "open source is the greatest driver in technology," Whitehurst suggested IT professionals take another look at the open source model as a response to solving the most talked-about computing issues, such as globalisation, security and the green movement.

This week Nokia announced plans to create the Symbian Foundation, which will make the Symbian mobile operating system an open platform, with licenses to be offered royalty-free.

(See Microsoft's cynical response to the Symbian announcement)

TV production company FremantleMedia Australia made headlines when it moved to the open source IP telephony system, Asterix, for a 150-plus handset deployment.

Also this week, Open Source Law founder Brendan Scott discussed the legal implications of FOSS in Australian government and enterprise.

But despite the growth in open source adoption by enterprise, many organisations are reluctant to deploy FOSS because they simply don't know how.

Lower ownership and acquisition costs lead the pack in one survey of enterprise FOSS adoption, while product support concerns and lack of awareness are the biggest hindrances.

Has your enterprise adopted open source software recently?

What considerations hamper or facilitate the adoption of FOSS in your workplace?

What do you think the pros and cons of FOSS are, from an economic, support or technical point of view?

Tell us what free and open source software means to you and your employer...

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