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Each issue, News editor Sandra Rossi filters the incoming comments, sifting out the defamatory remarks and awarding an exclusive GBU mug to each contributor, whose identity is confidential.


Speaking at the World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT 2002) in Adelaide recently, Howard Schmidt, vice chairman of the US President's Critical Infrastructure Board, noted: "This generation of IT professionals had to build the aeroplane while flying it; the next generation will be building supersonic jets."


If you think life in your IT shop is hectic -- think again. At BHP Billiton they go to extraordinary lengths to ensure staff deal with the weightier issues of life, important matters are certainly not overlooked. A comprehensive survey has been sent to staff to determine tea selection in the lunch room and the choice includes Billy Tea, Bushells Blue Label, Dilmah, Harris Pure Ceylon Tea, Lan Choo, Lipton Brewer, Lipton No.1, Lipton Yellow Label, Madura Premium Blend, Tetley Tea Cup, Twinings Earl Grey, Twinings English Breakfast, Twinings Irish Breakfast and yes, the options continue (too many to list here). The survey, which should be called 'how to make tea complicated', closes March 11 and staff are reminded to look for the pop-up window which shows your submission was successful. Author of the survey opens with the comments: "Ever since I can remember, Lan Choo has been the tea of choice . . . blah blah blah".


Comments in last week's GBU that IT managers were too techie and had little business nous has met with strong resistance from readers. As one irate IT manager said: "The CFO never over-rides recommendations from IT, decisions must include technical information." This debate could get ugly; the GBU inbox awaits your nasty comments.

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