Genuity service offers full data mirroring

Genuity Tuesday announced a new managed storage service that offers customers full off-site data replication.

Aimed at companies that need to beef up their business continuity plans, Genuity's Black Rocket Storage Remote Data Replication service is an extension of the storage services it offers in conjunction with EMC.

The new service offers users that already have an EMC Corp. Symmetrix Enterprise Storage System device running onsite a way to mirror and replicate that information on a second EMC device at one of Genuity's data hosting centers.

Genuity dedicates an EMC Symmetrix Enterprise Storage System device for each of its Remote Data Replication customers within its data center. The ISP is also using EMC's Symmetrix Remote Data Facility software to manage the service.

The Remote Data Replication offer is geared toward users that need to ensure complete data backup in case the company's main data source is unavailable due to a network outage or a disaster of some kind, Genuity said.

While customers can use an existing Genuity dedicated Internet access connection to support the service, a standard T-1, 1.544M bit/sec line will probably not suffice. Most customers will require at least a fractional T-3 connection, whereby the ISP provisions a T-3 port but the customer pays only for the amount of bandwidth used per month, Genuity said.

Genuity already offers a managed EMC storage service that lets customers store data at a remote Genuity data center, but this is the first time the ISP is offering full mirroring capabilities from an EMC device at a customer's site to a second EMC device at Genuity's data center.

While Genuity manages Black Rocket Storage Remote Data Replication for customers at its data centers, EMC actually manages and monitors the Enterprise Storage System devices at both the customer location and at Genuity's hosting facilities.

The service is available for US$60 to $70 per terabyte of storage space per month, which includes Internet connectivity. The price of the service can cost more or less per month depending if the customer uses less or more storage space.

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