Stepping up security

IT professionals say their employers don't do enough to secure their workplaces, according to the results of a survey from

The survey of 888 technology workers found that their companies' security is the same or worse than it was two years ago. Respondents felt vulnerable in all areas - from computer security to building restrictions to personal safety. Techies recommended their employers boost security measures in the following areas:

* Access to desks/workspaces: 54%.

* Access to personnel files: 50%.

* Access to the parking lot or garage: 47%.

* Access to logged-in workstations: 47%.

* Access to my work files/papers: 46%.

* Personal safety when working late: 43%.

* Access to the building: 41%.

* Access to turned-off workstations: 39%.

* Personal safety during work hours: 24%.

Almost one-fourth of respondents say their employers do little to prevent unauthorized access to offices other than locking the doors at night. Here are some of the measures other firms take:

* After-hours alarm system: 32%.

* 24-hour alarm system: 20%.

* Monitored alarm system with video cameras: 29%.

* Use security guards after hours: 37%.

* Use security guards during and after business hours: 32%.

Most IT professionals also take some form of security precautions when they leave their work areas. Among the findings:

* Use a password screensaver: 55%.

* Conceal money or valuables: 40%.

* Lock desk: 28%.

* Lock office: 25%.

* Remove valuables from car so they'll be safe: 21%.

* Leave valuables in car so they'll be safe: 7%.

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