Business Continuity at Sydney IVF

Sydney IVF, Australia’s premier centre for infertility and IVF treatment, has turned to VERITAS Software to address challenges associated with storing vast volumes of client and organisational data and enabling fast and easy data recovery in the face of hardware and software failures.

One of the first challenges to be resolved was handling and storing the huge inflow of electronic images e-mailed daily to the nurse co-ordinators by many of the proud parents whom Sydney IVF has assisted over the years. Not just for ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’, the baby pictures are stored as jpeg files and are essential for reference and future client contact.

Sydney IVF’s Microsoft Exchange server was storing the majority of this data on the e-mail server, making it nearly impossible to backup the system in the time-frame provided each night.

With offices open seven days a week and multiple regional clinics throughout New South Wales, Sydney IVF needed to ensure its client records and other data was properly stored and backed up on a regular basis. It turned to VERITAS Software to help it deliver a robust architecture that would provide a realistic and recoverable environment for a new strategy on storage management and disaster recovery.

After employing a number of VERITAS solutions such as VERITAS Storage Replicator™, VERITAS NetBackup Professional™, and VERITAS Remote Storage for Exchange, Sydney IVF has dramatically improved the efficiency of its data storage and disaster recovery activities.

Recently, VERITAS helped prevent a data catastrophe at Sydney IVF. “The finance manager’s laptop hard drive failed,” says IT Manager James Beggs. “It hadn’t been synchronised for a while and all the latest budget figures were locked up inside. We had quarterly reports due, statements to prepare and board papers to collate. It was a nightmare in the making.”

Fortunately, Sydney IVF had installed VERITAS NetBackup Professional™ on all their laptops. “Within 45 minutes of installing the new hard drive we had recovered every bit of information, right down to the last key stroke,” says Beggs. “The reports were delivered and the results posted on time. I don’t even want to think about what would have transpired if we hadn’t been proactive with our backup and recovery procedures.”

Beggs had tried other solutions, but wasn’t 100 per cent satisfied. “VERITAS had everything we wanted,” he adds.“It was easy to install and set up. We configured it and it worked well when we needed it. What more can you ask from a product?” VERITAS has helped on other occasions as well. “We had a server RAID card malfunction recently,” says Beggs, “and stranded some extremely important clinical data. But within two hours of identifying the problem, we were up and running with all data intact, thanks to VERITAS.”

VERITAS Storage Replicator™ is a flexible and scalable replication technology that allows organisations to choose which files to replicate either in real-time or on a scheduled basis.

VERITAS NetBackup Professional™ provides acomprehensive data protection solution without adding IT staff or complicated, expensive hardware.

Hardware failures are a fact of life, even in the healthcare industry. But withVERITAS solutions, business continuity is ensured.

Australia: +61 2 8220 7000 1800 222 587
New Zealand: +64 9 363 2792

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