The JavaOne 2002 security crystal ball

JavaOne 2002 (San Francisco) has come and gone. In addition to the usual fare, there were a number of interesting talks on security. I'm always hopeful I'll pick up hints of what is to come. Below, I've collected some of the more interesting possibilities for future work.

- Support for AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and the Rijndael cipher. Members of Sun's security team have hinted at this for many months.

- JSSE support for the new NIO (New I/O) API, which was added to Java in the recently released version 1.4.

- Support for proper online certificate revocation -- possibly via OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) rather than CRLs (Certificate Revocation List).

- Support for X.509 attribute certificates.

- Support for hardware security tokens like smart cards and dongles.

- Enhancements to the Java GSS API including support for SPKM (Simple Public-Key GSS-API Mechanism) and SPNego (Simple and Protected GSS-API Negotiation Mechanism) for secure negotiation of GSS security.

- Support for public-key cryptography in Kerberos and support for Kerberos authentication within TLS (Transport Layer Security).

- Support for asynchronous callbacks in JAAS.

Surf over to Sun's JavaOne site ( You can download slides for many of the conference presentations.

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