Digital Fountain quenches need for WAN speed

To meet the growing demand for technology that can move large files quickly and effectively over long distances, Digital Fountain Inc. on Monday introduced its Transporter Fountain 500.

A rackable, 1.75-inch midrange server, the Transporter Fountain 500 can deliver a 500MB file that would normally take up to 4 hours across a standard T1 or E1 WAN (wide area network) in only 47 minutes, according to Digital Fountain representatives.

Designed for remote offices or smaller workgroups on an enterprise WAN running up to 2Mbps, Transporter Fountain 500 can assist an organization in speeding the delivery of hefty data files such as DVD masters and digitized engineering designs.

Transporter Fountain 500 uses Digital Fountain's proprietary Meta-Content technology which eliminates the need to acknowledge individual packet delivery of data during transmission over the WAN, saving even more time, according to officials at Fremont, Calif.-based Digital Fountain.

The Transporter Fountain 500 answers the current call for new and improved network and Internet hardware for the midrange market. According to Cahners In-Stat Group in Scottsdale, Arizona, the market for midrange network hardware is expected to reach almost US$12.5 billion by 2005 from just over $10 billion today.

"The growing need for bandwidth and the increase in Internet-based communications is already having a strong effect on this market's networks," said Kneko Burney, director of business infrastructure and aervices at Cahners.

But even with growing demand for midrange networking hardware, vendors such as Digital Fountain may still face a tough sell, Burney said.

"Vendors should be prepared. With the economy going from boom to bust in the span of two years, midsize businesses have reverted back to some of their old ways -- conservatism and tighter IT budgets. Getting these customers to adopt new solutions won't be easy but is possible," Burney said.

The Transporter Fountain 500 starts at US$25,000, according to Digital Fountain.

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