Visual Networks improves SLA verification

Visual Networks is adding a high-speed probe to its line of IP network monitoring gear that will enable users to better verify service level agreements from their IP providers.

The device, called HSSI Analysis Service Element (ASE), is designed to monitor IP traffic flows ranging up to 45M bit/sec and could be used either by corporate network managers or service providers to keep track of how well a link is performing.

Such links could be T-3 lines or multiple T-1 lines logically tied together via inverse multiplexing.

With multiple such devices placed at sites around a network - and this can include lower-speed ASEs - users can determine performance of an IP network between particular sites.

The device can also monitor individual traffic types to give users data on how much bandwidth certain applications use and even how much individual users consume. This information can be used to track network growth and plan for additional bandwidth.

As part of an upgrade, Visual's monitoring software called Visual UpTime now supports monitoring of voice and streaming IP applications. "This gives you a close measurement of the voice over IP traffic per user and helps you determine the effect of putting other applications on the same connection," says Steve Taylor, principal with Distributed Networking Associates.

HSSI ASE is available this fall for US$25,000. For users who already have a Visual HSSI ASE for frame relay, the IP software load costs $5,000.

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