Caldera expands beyond Linux and Unix

Caldera last week broadened platform support for, and maybe also the future of, its Volution Manager application by extending beyond Linux and Caldera Unix servers.

Volution Manager is an application that can be used to monitor and update system software for Linux and Caldera Unix (formerly SCO Unix) systems. The browser-based software also allows users to set alerts on server performance and to perform scheduled system updates to servers, such as applying software patches or upgrades.

The new version of the product will now let businesses use Volution to manage servers running Windows, IBM AIX and eServer zSeries (mainframe) and HP-UX operating systems. The software will also be able to monitor and manage point-of-sale terminals and wireless devices as well.

The expanded version of Volution is aimed at helping IT managers who run heterogeneous networks, with a mix of Linux, Unix and Windows. Volution's browser-based interface built on standards such as Apache, Lightweight Directory Access Protocol and XML could also be useful in managing networks over a wide area, such as an enterprise with different server platforms running in multiple branch offices.

In addition to aiding its customers, the broader platform support could also help Caldera better compete with the 800-pound gorilla of network management, Computer Associates, which has recently made a strong push to add Linux into its lineup of enterprise management wares.

Multiplatform support on Volution will be available in the fall. A beta of Volution for IBM eServer zSeries will be available at the end of the month.

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