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Deakin University Report Shows Technology Is The New Teacher’s Pet

  • 27 September, 2005 15:06

<p>SYDNEY, Australia, Sept. 27, 2005 - A recent research report shows 91 per cent of Australian teachers who have undergone specialised training are now actively using technology as a learning tool in the classroom, providing a new level of learning and active involvement.</p>
<p>The Deakin University research involved teachers from New South Wales, Queensland and Victorian government schools who have participated in the Intel® Teach to the Future program – an accredited professional development program designed to equip classroom teachers with the skills to integrate technology effectively into teaching and learning.</p>
<p>The research suggests that the program has had a marked effect on teaching practice and a direct impact on students’ learning outcomes.</p>
<p>More students are using the Internet to research projects and multimedia presentation software and web pages to collate and present their work, according to the research.</p>
<p>In the study, teachers claimed that students are more motivated to learn, more confident in communicating their ideas, demonstrate greater use of critical thinking and creativity, and show more understanding of the content. Their willingness to ‘take greater control of their learning’ was also noted.</p>
<p>“These skills are recognised as vital in preparing students for an increasingly complex and information rich world,” Deakin University researcher Carol Oakley said. “The program has made these advances possible by assisting teachers to embed technology-based teaching and learning into their classroom curriculum.”</p>
<p>As one teacher commented “Intel Teach to the Future has opened up all sorts of possibilities for class lessons, and the use of technology is now an integral part of planning at our school.”</p>
<p>“The key objective of the program is to help teachers to integrate technology to make the classroom more interesting, to get students excited about learning and improve student outcomes,” said Ludmila Fedorovitch, education manager Intel Australia.</p>
<p>“The major success of this program is that it’s allowing teachers to improve the classroom experience for students. Intel always looks for the highest return on investment. If you invest in one student you can change one life but if you invest in a teacher, then you can change all lives of the students that that teacher reaches,” she added.</p>
<p>Since its launch in Australia in 2004, the Intel Teach to the Future program has trained more than 3,500 teachers, indirectly touching an estimated 70,000 students.*</p>
<p>About Intel® Teach to the Future</p>
<p>Intel® Teach to the Future is a worldwide effort to help teachers integrate technology into their classrooms to enhance student learning. Through this professional development program, teachers learn from other teachers how, when and where to incorporate technology tools and resources into their lesson plans. They also create assessment tools and align lessons with educational learning goals and standards. The program incorporates the use of the Internet, webpage design and multimedia software. It is not a traditional cash or equipment-based donation program, nor is it a computer "literacy" or "how to operate a PC and surf the Net" skills training effort. Instead it is an innovative program designed to teach teachers how to integrate technology into the classroom curricula they are using today.</p>
<p>Launched in 2000, Intel has trained more than 2.3 million classroom teachers in more than 30 countries. The Intel Teach to the Future program is offered for both K-12 in-service teachers as well as pre-service educators.</p>
<p>About Intel Innovation in Education
Education is a critical focus for Intel and for our employees. Intel Corporation collaborates with educators in communities around the world to improve the quality of math, science and engineering education by providing commitments of time, programs and resources to help students realise their full potential.</p>
<p>About Intel</p>
<p>Intel, the world’s largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of computer, networking and communications products. Additional information about Intel is available at</p>
<p>*based on an estimated average class size of 20 students.</p>
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