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Hewlett-Packard (HP) says it has introduced a business protection solution, called the Ultimate Data Protection Solution, to address the issues of the modern business world's overflow of data, data creation, as well as huge volumes of data being stored daily.

"Data protection is one of the most important issues facing organizations today. To ensure continuity of your data in the event of any threat -- it is vital that you have an appropriate data protection strategy in place," says Vic Brits, storage business unit manager at HP SA.

The company notes that today, even though data has moved from paper to an electronic format, the risks for long-term, up-to-date storage still remain. It says that maintaining data availability and to minimize data corruption and loss, modern ICT managers must also ensure continuous access to business applications -- of which even a short interruption can impact your business's ability to perform its core function.

The advancement in today's storage technologies, says HP, offer many different choices for data protection and business community -- from tape and disk drives to Raid and data mirroring, in combination with storage software to manage it. Brits adds, "It is important to understand that these technologies are not stand-alone, and the greatest level of data protection may come from a combination of many different technologies working as one."

HP says its ultimate business protection solution specifically focuses on storage area network (SAN), network-attached storage (NAS) and multilevel strategies using a combination of technologies, tailored to each organization's requirements. To complement the technology solution, HP also offers a full range of professional services, i.e., data availability, technology deployment, performance services and customized business solutions.

The company believes that data protection is an essential issue facing organizations striving for business security and continuity. With such a high cost associated with downtime and data loss, it is vital for businesses to invest in suitable protection. It says that the HP ultimate business protection provides the very best in data protection solutions for any business, implementing packages for the simplest to the most complex environments.

"Choose the technology that fits your business needs. HP offers individual and multi-tiered solutions using disk and tape based back-up, providing the ultimate in business protection, and securing your company's data both safely and reliably," concludes Brits.

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