Web 2.0 scores success in the enterprise

Three large companies explain the huge benefits Web 2.0 is bringing to their business

Avenue A/ Razorfish has added a wiki built on the Wikipedia platform, said Shiv Singh, vice president for social media and global strategic initiatives at the company.

"The question was, how can we create a tool that would encourage people to share," and feel safe doing so, Singh said. The wiki is viewed as a marketplace of ideas, with persons contributing and getting something in return, he said.

Users can, for example, find an interesting article, bookmark it using del.icio.us tags, and have it appear in the wiki. "That alone was the single most popular feature, Singh said.

Companies must recognize and reward collaboration, which is a challenge since educational systems are set up to reward individualism, said Singh. "Companies need to rethink how they motivate and how they reward. It needs to be based on teams and collaboration," he said.

Through the wiki, people begin to view other persons as experts on particular subjects.

Like Best Buy, the Avenue A/Razorfish wiki currently is only for internal use.

Approaches to security and privacy also were shared at the presentation. Serena took the opposite approach from firewalls, which have everything placed behind a firewall with some data trickling out to the public just to protect 3 percent of a company's information, Bonvanie said. "We said everything goes on Facebook and a few things don't," he said.

To guard employees' private data, employees are not forced to participate and they are given guidance about posting of information, according to Bonvanie.

Avenue A/Razorfish recognized that vandalism that could happen on the wiki, but found that persons who are professional in the office will conduct themselves in the same way on the wiki, Singh said.

Oracle acknowledged the potential legal issues. Enterprises have to be open to the concerns of the legal and HR departments, Pedrazzi said.

"In Enterprise 2.0, people can get sued," Pedrazzi said. For example, a person might be pictured wearing a religious headdress on the site and then could claim denial of a job because of that headdress, he said.

Best Buy has only had to take down three posts out of 30,000 to 50,000 posts.

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