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Magnamail aims to deliver globally with Advanta’s ATLAS software suite

  • 10 June, 2008 16:10

<p>Magnamail is an Australian based, direct fulfilment company that provides a large range of unique gift ideas and practical products to the Australian and New Zealand market. Magnamail offers its products through a number of ordering facilities. This includes the ability for customers to order merchandise via Magnamail’s: website, customer service phone number and fax number.</p>
<p>For over 30 years, Magnamail has differentiated themselves from competitors by continually improving the level of service provided to customers. Alex Waldman, General Manager at Magnamail states: “At Magnamail, we continually review our existing warehousing operations to improve the picking accuracy of orders and to reduce the time between order placement and product delivery. The goal is to generate satisfied customers with every order processed.”</p>
<p>In order to achieve this goal, Magnamail searched for a warehouse management system to meet the operational needs of the business while catering for rapid business growth. Magnamail evaluated a number of suppliers and selected Advanta’s ATLAS software suite. Waldman explains
“The ATLAS software suite was the only warehouse management solution on the market, capable of satisfying the majority of Magnamail’s warehousing requirements with the standard ATLAS software package. ATLAS was further customised for Magnamail to cater for the integration of an innovative pick, replenish and packing operation unique to Magnamail’s warehousing operation, with a number of advanced hardware devices such as automated picking machines and weight verification stations.”</p>
<p>Advanta Software is providing Magnamail with the ATLAS 3PL package which comprises a broad range of modules covering all aspects of supply chain management and execution. Magnamail will be implementing warehouse management, paperless warehousing, freight management, debtors, inventory management, order processing, sales analysis, purchasing and the report generator.</p>
<p>Following the implementation of the ATLAS software suite, Magnamail expect to gain efficiencies throughout the warehouse. “With the support of the ATLAS software, we expect to increase the product throughput to between 22,000 and 26,000 product lines per day while simultaneously reducing the number of warehousing staff.” Waldman continues “As the speed and accuracy of orders is improved, our customers will receive their products quicker; therefore Magnamail will ultimately improve the level of service provided to our customers”.</p>
<p>Waldman concludes “We are currently reviewing the opportunity to establish an international fulfilment centre in Asia to initiate Magnamail’s international growth strategy. We believe that the implementation of a sophisticated, reliable and scalable logistics solution, such as the ATLAS software suite, is critical in supporting Magnamail’s goal to expand internationally in the next 2 to 3 years”</p>
<p>About Advanta Software</p>
<p>Advanta Software is dedicated to the development, implementation &amp; support of leading Information Technology solutions for the Logistics, 3rd Party Logistics and fuel distribution marketplace.</p>
<p>By combining advanced functionally-rich software, the expertise of a team of skilled IT professionals and a proven project management and support methodology Advanta creates complete solutions that deliver value to its client organisations over many years.</p>
<p>Advanta’s solutions are built on the ATLAStm product suite, which is designed to manage all facets of distribution, freight management, warehouse management, contract warehousing, order processing, inventory and supply chain management, sales analysis and e-fulfilment. ATLAStm can be operated alone or integrated to an existing ERP system.</p>
<p>For more information please visit</p>
<p>About Magnamail
Magnamail Pty Ltd operates in Australia and New Zealand and for over 32 years, their catalogues have offered an amazing range of hard to find, unique gifts and practical solutions especially designed to make the consumers lives easier and much more enjoyable.</p>
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<p>About ATLAS™
ATLAStm is a comprehensive suite of over thirty software application modules designed to manage all facets of distribution, freight management, warehouse management, contract warehousing, order processing, inventory and supply chain management, sales analysis and e-fulfilment.</p>
<p>ATLAStm is modular, allowing users to implement what they need and add to it over time as more functionality is needed. All modules are integrated and work together in a consistent way. They can also be integrated with third party applications.</p>
<p>ATLAStm is made up from four application sets;
- Supply Chain Execution covering Warehouse Management, Paperless Warehousing , Scan Packing, Freight Management, 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) Client Billing
- Supply Chain Management covering Distribution, Purchasing, Vendor Management, Distribution Resource Planning, and Financials
- eLogistics including Web ordering, Web enquiries, Track and Trace, Web portals, Document management and distribution
- Customer Relationship Management – including Contact Management, Email Management, and Opportunity Management</p>
<p>ATLAStm is highly configurable. It has been designed to meet the varied needs of a wide range of organisations using simple configuration options and modularity. Advanta also provides customisation for needs that cannot be satisfied by configuration.</p>
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