Vent IT: The weirdest, wackiest items ever sold on eBay

Tell us about the strangest items you have seen for sale online...

From stolen military gear to pirated software, or a piece of Nutri-Grain that looks like ET, to the entire country of New Zealand, e-commerce sites like eBay and Craigslist really do allow you to buy or sell just about anything online. Or at least try...

A woman in the US has even been charged with using the Craigslist classified-advertisement Web site to find a killer for a romantic rival, while an attempt to use eBay to sell a hacked laptop complete with Windows Vista attack code did not last long.

The Australian online market was crowded a little further this week, with the announcement that the Trading Post has weighed into the online auctions market with its own site.

So, in the spirit of buying and selling online, we ask you to share with us the most bizarre, debauched or downright hilarious items you have seen, bought or bidded on online...

Feel free to also vent your spleen over eBay's recent announcement that it will be using its massive market share to lock users into paying for purchases through its fee-based PayPal service. Is this a necessary safety precaution, or a shady deal for PayPal?

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