Intel ships RosettaNet tools

Intel this week helped small and midsize business customers, and itself at the same time, with the release of a new RosettaNet development toolkit.

The IA SDK for RosettaNet (Intel Architecture Software Development Kit for RosettaNet), simplifies the development of electronic business-to-business applications used by small to midsize companies, according to Intel representatives.

By fostering the use of RosettaNet to drive more electronic b-to-b automation, Intel actually makes life easier for itself, as many of the new toolkit's potential customers are Intel suppliers and business partners, said Shawn Willett, an industry analyst at Current Analysis Inc., in Sterling, Va.

"Most of the specifications [for RosettaNet] are for the high-tech manufacturing market," Willett said. "Intel is a big customer of the technology in that they are trying to automate interactions between themselves and their suppliers. That probably how they got in to this whole thing."

B-to-b networks between trusted business partners using RosettaNet PIPs (Partner Interface Processes) assist member companies in ordering products and forecasting inventory requirements, said Willett.

Intel's new IA SDK for RosettaNet delivers all the tool necessary to get up and running on a PIP, as well as new features that link to back-end data bases, according to Intel.

Simplicity features have also been added to Intel's latest RosettaNet toolkit, more incentive for small and midsize businesses, which may lack sufficient IT resources, to implement a PIP.

Successfully evangelizing RosettaNet pays dividends to Intel as well, said Willett.

"It's to Intel's advantage to get everybody up and running on RosettaNet, and that's probably one of their main motivations here," said Willett.

IA SDK for RosettaNet supports the following RosettaNet Implementation Frameworks: Version 1.1, Windows 2000, and PIPs 3A4, 3B2, 3C3, 3A7, 3C4, and 0A1, according to Intel, based in Santa Clara, Calif.

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