Arm sued over Java technology

Still a couple of years away from market, Arm Ltd.'s Java application performance boosting technology Jazelle has already attracted one lawsuit.

Nazomi Communications Inc. of Santa Clara, California, filed a patent infringement suit against Arm on Tuesday. Nazomi, which specializes in hardware Java accelerators, is seeking a permanent injunction precluding further infringement and unspecified damages, it said in a statement.

Arm denounced the lawsuit as "frivolous" and said in a statement it would defend itself vigorously. Arm investigated Nazomi's patents and made its product so it would not infringe, the Cambridge, England, company said.

Arm, a microprocessor design company, developed Jazelle as a third instruction set for processors based on its Arm core. The technology allows Java applications to run alongside other operating systems and applications on a single processor. This offers higher performance and lower system cost and power usage compared with coprocessor and dual-processor based setups, according to Arm.

Arm has licensed Jazelle to several of its customers, but products that use the technology are a couple of years away, said Peter Magowan, executive vice president of business development at Arm.

"There are no products out there with Jazelle. Over the next couple of years we expect products to come out, but it is still very early," he said.

Arm sees wide applications for its processors with Jazelle technology, from mobile computing and home entertainment devices to automotive applications, according to a flyer promoting Jazelle.

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