Vent It: Is Blackberry the tool of the devil?

Executives used terms like Faustian pact to describe their CrackBerrys.

Researchers find we are in bed with our Blackberrys. But is this a good thing?

A study by Dr Kristine Dery at the University of Sydney found that while the device improves efficiency it also leads to very little corporate downtime.

Dery said unlike a laptop, a BlackBerry is seen as accessible and mobile. Therefore, it is more prone to blur the lines between work and play.

While the ability to clear e-mails in a taxi or in a lift helps some executives to "hit the ground running" when they arrived at work, others express resentment at losing valuable reading and thinking space.

Do you own a Blackberry, Palm or similar device? Is the Aussie corporate relationship with these devices akin to signing a Faustian pact? Is Blackberry (et al) really the devil?

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