How to win with SOA ... first, understand the pain

I've been getting a lot of e-mails about this...Those seeking general advice around SOA, and how to win. Here's my best shot at that.

Here are 5 surefire ways that, if followed, will make your SOA a success. They are:

1. Understand the pain.

2. Define the value.

3. Focus on understanding.

4. Remember the people.

5. Focus longer term.

Understand the pain

In many modern global 2000 companies, the enterprise architectures are badly broken and hinder the businesses ability to change. For instance, a recent survey by the Business Performance Management Institute found that only 11 per cent of executives say they're able to keep up with business demand to change technology-enabled processes. 40 per cent of which, according to the survey, are currently in need of IT attention. Worse, 36 per cent report that their company's IT departments are having either "significant difficulties" (27 per cent) or "can't keep up at all" (9 per cent).

The reality is that IT has done a poor job of supporting the business when considering the amount of latency apparent when change needs to occur. CEOs pull their hair out when their IT group talks about years not months to add product lines, change markets, or merge with other companies. Indeed, in many companies, the IT shop is the single limiting factor for business success, and can kill the business if left to continue as-is.

This is real pain...a real problem. And solving this problem has some to tremendous value for many existing organizations. Thus, we have the value of SOA, and the drive to SOA.

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