Tool measures site traffic in real-time

Companies wanting to measure their Web site traffic in real-time will now have the means to do so with the launch of a new Australian-made Internet analysis tool.

Released earlier this month by Melbourne-based Internet management company Evolvo Systems, the Advanced Internet Monitor(AIM) Appliance boasts of being the first passive Internet analytic device that can generate data on Web site traffic in real-time.

Featuring a Linux-embedded operating system and PostgreSQL database, the AIM-Appliance plugs into a company's Web server and collects, interprets, and consolidates data on its Web site. Because it connects to the Web server through its own 10/100Mbs network port, all data is stored within the AIM-Appliance. Users simply access the generated reports and graphical material by typing the unit's IP address into their web browser.

Andrew Wallace, director at Evolvo Systems, says the AIM-Appliance has strong potential for online sales and marketing teams.

"It is a tool that watches what a company's Web site is doing," he said. "In our experience, we could see that other types of analytic systems served a certain market, but a lot of sites couldn't say what was going on on their Web sites in real-time."

Although there are currently a variety of login-based services available for businesses wishing to monitor Web site traffic, Wallace is confident the AIM-appliance is the first of its kind to do so in real-time. Because the device is not intrusive and only analyses data transmitted between the Web site and the Web user, no Cookies, JavaScript, HTML coding or server-log file analysis are required.

Wallace says Evolvo is currently targeting larger corporations, but believes the product could also benefit ISPs. For example, a large ISP providing Web-hosting services for smaller businesses may be able to sell the data recorded by the appliance back to the business wanting to monitor its Web site traffic.

The AIM appliance is now available in three models. The lower-end AIM Appliance Standard, for businesses with a Web site hosted on one or two servers, can maintain up to 100 concurrent online visitors and unlimited report users. The AIM-Appliance Enhanced is for up to 500 concurrent online visitors and unlimited report users, while the high-end AIM Appliance Enterprise supports up to 1000 virtual servers, 250,000 concurrent online visitors and 10,000 report users. Prices start from around $10,000.

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