Sun Microsystems timeline

1982 - Vinod Khosla, Bill Joy, Andreas Bechtolsheim and Scott McNealy launch Sun Microsystems. The first workstation is introduced.

1983 - Sun and Computervision sign a $US40 million OEM agreement. Operations begin in Europe.

1984 - NFS technology introduced and licensed free to the industry. Later it becomes the industry standard for network file sharing.

1985 - Sun opens Canadian operations

1986 - Commences operations in Australia, along with its operations in Asia. PC-NFS technology introduced. Lionel Singer* is original distributor of Sun in Australia. Mr Val Micken takes role as first Sun Microsystems Australia managing director.

1987 - Sun and AT&T form an alliance to develop UNIX[R] System V Release 4.

1988 - Sun reaches $US1 billion in revenue.

1989 - SPARCstation 1 system introduced. Sun expands alliances with Informix, Ingres, Oracle, and Sybase.

1990 - Follows release of SPARCstation 1 with four new models, including the first workstation for under $US5000. Manufacturing plant opens in Scotland.

- Shaun McConnan appointed managing director of Sun Australia.

1991 - Releases Solaris 2.

1992 - Introduces SPARCstation 10 system, the first multiprocessing desktop computer.

- Les Hayman is appointed managing director of Sun Australia.

1993 - Sun, IBM, HP, and others unify UNIX system software.

1994 - Russell Bate is appointed Managing Director of Sun Microsystems Australia.

1995 - Introduces Java.

1996 - Introduces Sun Ultra workstation. Licenses Java technology to all major hardware and software companies.

1997 - New server family introduced, including the 64-processor Sun Enterprise 10000 server. Web-enhanced Solaris environment developed as well as Sun StorEdge A5000.

1998 - Develops Intelligent Storage Network architecture. Introduces instant networking with Jini. Introduces Solaris 7.

- Next generation Java technology released.

- AOL acquires Netscape and Sun announces a partnership with AOL for what is now known as iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions.

1999 - Introduces open storage management with Jiro. Introduces Netra t1 servers. Sun acquires Forte, an enterprise software company. Makes StarOffice productivity suits available free of charge.

2000 - Solaris 8 introduced. Sun acquires Cobalt Networks.

- Launches an Undergraduate commercialisation of technology course with Macquarie University.

- Launches its Platinum Partner Program.

- iPlanet releases first B2B commerce platform.

- Jim Hassell is appointed managing director of Sun Australia in November after Russell Bate is promoted to Vice-President of Product Sales Operations for Asia-Pacific.

2001 - Sun Microsystems and the Victorian State Government jointly launch an education and training facility in Victoria. Java Scholarship Program is also announced, worth AUD$135 000.

- Sun signs a global agreement with Hitachi for cross-licensing and distributing each other's storage software.

- Launches the Starcat Server in September. Sun also builds Liberty Alliance project to take on MS Passport.

- Releases the J2EE 1.3. Java is now on the handsets of Sprint PCs.

- Introduces Sun ONE for Web services.

- Debuts Sun Fire 280R workgroup servers. Sun Fire "midframe" computers introduced.

- iPlanet delivers first integrated wireless portal server.

- UltraSparc becomes available, now 72 processor server (up from 64).

- Sun announces the first Netra server to use Ultrasparc III technology.

- Sun also releases its Solaris 9 for testing.

2002 - Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications is the first Australian company to receive SunTone certification.

- Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) and Sun Microsystems launch Interactive Television (iTV) application with back-channel functionality and using Multimedia Home Platform.

- Announces the iForce Storage Elite programme in February.


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