TigerLogic touts upcoming browser-based search app

App designed to enhance the use of any search engine or Web page

TigerLogic will soon launch an Internet browser-based application designed to enhance the use of any search engine or Web page, according to a statement.

"ChunkIt is an application that sits inside a browser and its function is to go down and mine embedded hyperlinks that are on any Web page, anywhere," said TigerLogic's President and CEO Carlton Baab. "This capability is extremely useful not only for enhancing search engine results, but for viewing any Web page that contains hundreds, if not thousands, of embedded hyperlinks."

Baab said the application helps users see beyond the links on any search engine or Web page and view the actual content behind those links. The application can search through thousands of search engine link results, as well as the embedded links in Web pages, so users can quickly figure out which links contain information pertinent to their searches, Baab said.

ChunkIt extracts and displays "chunks" of information alongside search engine results so users can better determine which links are more relevant and then quickly start clicking on those links, he said. URLs are presented first, followed by a list of the relevant chunks. Each keyword in the chunk is highlighted with a unique color.

The "chunks" are delivered in a two-panel format and are displayed to the left of the search engine results, Baab said. By clicking on the ChunkIt icon next to each result, users can view the same chunk highlighted on the referenced Web page in the right panel, eliminating the need to manage multiple windows, he said.

In addition, users who want to e-mail the search information can click on the "Email Chunks" link and an e-mail message containing the chunks and their URLs is created and ready to send.

ChunkIt is currently being tested by a group of users. An online demonstration of ChunkIt is available at www.tigerlogic/ChunkIt. Users can sign up to participate in the private beta test of the application.

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