The best thing about the new Google Talk: A "snooze button"

Now they've got it. But there's a catch.

I wrote a column last week called, "Why not give users what they want?," in which I whined and complained about a long list of common-sense features missing from major products. One of those features was a "snooze button" for Google Calendar. Now they've got it. But there's a catch.

The catch is that it's not really part of Google Calendar, but -- oddly -- a feature of a new Google Talk IM client unveiled this week by Google.

Called the Google Talk Labs Edition, the software conspicuously lacks a long list of features, including AIM support, voice chat, file transfer or Mac support. It does, however notify you visibly about incoming Google Talk chats, Gmail messages, Orkut activity -- you are an active Orkut users, aren't you? No? Well never mind then -- and Calendar alerts. The app also supports group chats, which is nice but nothing to chat home about, and "true emoticons."

Of these, the most useful bit to me is the Calendar snooze functionality.

Now, if they add basic features like AIM support, voice chat and file transfer, they'll really have something. I'd also like to see the "snooze button" feature added to the regular online Google Calendar.

Get it here.

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