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Sienna Technologies launches Secure File Transfer Gateway

  • 24 October, 2003 14:53

<p>Sydney, Australia (October 24, 2003) – Sienna Technologies, an Australian developer of automated file transfer solutions, will launch its Secure File Transfer Gateway, a single gateway to rationalise and manage all file transfer requirements, at the Australian Technology Showcase to be held on October 30, 2003.</p>
<p>As a single automated gateway, the Secure File Transfer Gateway (sFTG) offers a comprehensive solution for electronic customer communications, resulting in numerous benefits for organisations involved in the exchange of data via file transfer. Potential benefits include:</p>
<p>· Improvements to customer service
· Reduced costs
· Reduced mistakes with your customer communications
· Ability for not only the primary customer but also their customer to remotely track the
progress of files and confirm their arrival
· Secure transfer of data
· Assistance in complying with the Privacy Act</p>
<p>“In the past three years, many companies have experienced a 30%+ increase in transaction volumes across the board,” said Nigel Holman, chief executive officer, Sienna Technologies. “As a result the number and size of files has grown to an extent that many organisations’ file transfer infrastructures are struggling to complete the increasing number of transmissions. The sFTG counters this problem, providing a single gateway that securely supports multiple file transfers and communications with ease.”</p>
<p>Handling multiple communications via a single automated gateway allows companies to reduce hardware and software costs, as numerous pieces of outdated technologies can be eliminated and operational changes centralised. Additionally, files can be transferred over the Internet rather than over expensive leased lines, further cutting expenditure.</p>
<p>The sFTG also allows files to be transferred automatically, ensuring that operational errors commonly associated with manual intervention can be reduced. By reducing the mistakes made with customer communications and increasing a company’s reliability and performance, the services offered to existing customers are improved and the potential to acquire new customers is increased.</p>
<p>When using the sFTG, every file transferred is automatically referenced, resulting in transparent audit trails for all files entering and exiting an organisation. This improves the management and visibility of customer communications and enables companies to gain central control and cohesive visibility of customer transfer files. Also customers are able to remotely check that files they have sent to a supplier have been received eliminating the need for verbal confirmations.</p>
<p>Importantly, all files transferred and received through the sFTG are done so securely and in compliance with the Privacy Act, so that privacy and confidentiality of both the customer and the company is maintained.</p>
<p>Sienna Technologies will demonstrate the Secure File Transfer Gateway at the upcoming Australian Technology Showcase, a key event in the NSW Government Business Program for Rugby World Cup, to be held at Fox Studios, Sydney, on October 30, 2003.</p>
<p>Sienna Technologies specialises in electronic service delivery solutions. The company designs, develops, markets and supports specialist software that enables organisations to manage electronic communications securely with their business partners, large and small, regardless of the communication method and type of information. For more information please visit the company web site at</p>

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