How Cisco lost out in networking Battlestar Galactica

A document detailing Cisco’s final attempt to sell an integrated computer network to Colonial Fleet authorities as an upgrade to the nearly obsolete BS-75 (Galactica)

The Sci-Fi Network series Battlestar Galactica started its fourth and final season in the US last week, and a document written by a Cisco sales trainee describing his sales meeting with senior Galactica officials about upgrading the Galactica network, has been obtained. The author of this story would like to give special thanks to the devoted Battlestar Galactica fans at Battlestar Wiki, without whom this piece would not have been possible.

Office of the Library of the Colonies

The following document was recovered from a metal briefcase, originally from a Cisco regional sales office on Caprica, but subsequently found on the freighter Kima Huta, part of the refugee fleet after the Second Cylon War.

The document details Cisco's final attempt to sell an integrated computer network to Colonial Fleet authorities as an upgrade to the nearly obsolete BS-75 (Galactica).

As is well known, Galactica was one of the few remaining Battlestar-class vessels without integrated networks, a bias derived from the original Cylon War, when the Cylons were able to seize control of defense systems by viral attacks.

The document is from a Cisco sales rep, reporting the results of his last meeting aboard Galactica with Commander (later Admiral) William Adama, and other ship officers, just a few months before the start of the Second Cylon War.


This file was transmitted over an encrypted connection

Copy 1 of 1

Document ID: CQ3S02378-4075

To: A. Martin, VP/GM Quadrant 3 Sales, Chambers Building, Caprica

Fr: J. Cox, sales trainee, second class, Caprica

Re: Results of final Galactica Upgrade meeting

I regret to report that this meeting did not achieve the team's objectives for our C 1.3 billion-cubit proposal to integrate Galactica's archaic computer networks.

It was not my fault.

Though the failure to win approval is a disappointment, I must say that the project cost estimate did not adequately factor in the aggravation of being forced to work, however briefly, with the senior Galactica officers.

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