Open invitation to develop MySpace applications at Sydney event

Founding partner coming to Australia

In a bid to foster innovation on the Internet, a founding partner of has issued an open invitation to Australian developers to participate in a workshop in Sydney on April 9, 2008.

Part of the launch of the MySpace Developer Platform, the event will be an open forum for developers both here and overseas to build applications for MySpace members.

Web entrepreneur, Randal Leeb-du Toit is spearheading the local launch believing ithe event will push the Australian community to be more progressive and will also promote a more collaborative and dynamic Internet culture.

"The MySpace Developer Platform is not only an amazing opportunity for developers around the country to access the global community, but it will empower MySpace users to take control of their online presence in new and innovative ways," Randal said.

In coming months, MySpace will take an active role in helping local developers create applications and build a rich economy within the platform.

Developers will be able to interact with the MySpace development team, and give feedback on the entire process.

The MySpace development team will additionally focus on how the applications being created will affect security and the quality of the user experience on the site.

The platform site features three sets of APIs and a development team blog ( as well as a local blog for Australian developers to share information (

This is in addition to documentation, a forum where MySpace development team members can provide feedback and the chance for developers to test applications. Australia head of engineering, Daniel Reyes, said openness has always been at the heart of the MySpace ethos and the enormous success of the site.

By launching a developer platform that supports OpenSocial standards, he said developers can spend more time building a great product, rather than rebuilding it for every social network.

Users can then choose applications relevant to them. Moreover, there is a canvas page, which is a space where developers will have the opportunity to monetise their widgets.

Reyes said developers will be able to host ads on this page and keep 100 per cent of the revenue.

To ensure that applications are safe for MySpace members, the company will deploy technology developed in-house in conjunction with partners such as Google.

One key technology is Caja, a JavaScript sanitiser being developed by Google in cooperation with MySpace.

Caja's purpose is to make JavaScript safer for use on sites like MySpace, so that developers can create rich, full-featured applications in a way that is secure and trusted for consumers.

"Applications will be governed by the same privacy controls that are in place for members," Reyes explained.

"An application will never have access to information that cannot be found publicly on any member's profile page. Applications will also go through a rigorous safety review process before going live to our members."

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