Ray White invests in CRM to solve data woes

Three states unified under new system.

Ray White Invest has unified its disparate IT investment database by installing a centralized CRM between its three statewide offices.

The company is the property funds management arm of the Ray White Group which controls six services organisations including real estate, insurance, and finance. It offers commercial investment opportunities to clients in projects ranging from $3 million to $50 million and has funded 207 developments worth $2.6 billion since 2001.

Operations manager Mark Halle said the company needed a replacement for its manual data entry system because it was wasting resources and prone to errors.

"Client details for projects were manually entered into Microsoft Access from our Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney offices," Halle said.

"It was pretty basic and couldn't do what we wanted it to."

The company commenced its six-month installation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in June last year, following an internal IT evaluation of requirements and solutions.

The CRM has 35 staff users between the three Ray White Invest offices and updates changes to project information instantly, eliminating the chances of data duplication and wasted resources.

Halle said the platform required a lot of customization through a third party integration provider including loan statements data, current and upcoming projects and their relationships with investors.

"The CRM has saved time with data entry, but the main benefit is that changes can be seen dynamically by all of our staff," he said.

Customers will soon be able to access reports on their invested projects and update their details on the Internet using a new self-service Web portal which will plug into the CRM.

The portal will allow customers to swap hard copy reports for electronic versions, and give them better visibility into the progress of their investments.

Staff can use the CRM to generate a variety of reports, check the expiry of insurance certificates, and generate marketing campaigns.

Halle said the platform was chosen after a Brisbane-based Microsoft reseller Professional Advantage demonstrated the software.

Other Ray White departments have shown interest in the system, but would need to customize their own solutions based on their unique requirements.

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