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Western Australian Government’s land and property developer selects Objective

  • 11 March, 2008 11:57

<p>The contract was awarded under the WA Common Use Arrangement - 8005, a preferred supplier panel of three Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) suppliers for Western Australian government.</p>
<p>LandCorp is the Western Australian Government's land and property developer. Focusing on sustainable development across the State, its work is aimed at securing economic and social prosperity for all Western Australians.</p>
<p>Previously LandCorp managed their records as hard copies, which was both time consuming and resource intensive. Objective, once rolled out to all 150 LandCorp staff will provide a single information repository bridging the gap between physical and electronic business information for the first time.</p>
<p>The key business driver behind LandCorp’s decision to implement an ECM solution was the rapid growth of the organisation. In the last two years, LandCorp has increased their staffing levels by 50%.</p>
<p>LandCorp recognised that with the growth of the organisation, they had to move quickly to tackle information management properly or would risk greater business problems in the future. Objective was selected as the preferred supplier due to its extensive search capabilities and demonstrated ease of use.</p>
<p>LandCorp employees that tested Objective appreciated that the application integrated easily with existing software such as Microsoft Office. For users that have not previously used a document management program, it provided a familiar, easy to use solution.</p>
<p>LandCorp sought a solution that would:</p>
<p>Create a corporate memory that would improve decision-making processes and provide a real return on the information that has been costly to acquire or produce;</p>
<p>Provide a management framework for information to ensure information is not lost through individual filing systems.</p>
<p>Objective will be used to manage LandCorp’s key business processes including project management, incoming correspondence and internal administration.</p>
<p>Extensive project management systems surround the sale of a piece of land and involve a variety of different teams within the organisation contributing to various stages in the project. Therefore it is business critical that documents can be found quickly and easily. Objective’s business process management capability will streamline this process and will allow project teams to more effectively search for information and collaborate.</p>
<p>LandCorp’s evaluation team were so impressed with the ease-of-use of Objective that they have elected to implement the system “enterprise wide” in a single rollout. LandCorp want a cohesive approach to ensure all staff from upper management through to administration staffs are introduced to document and records management equally and that everyone has access to the same system from day one.</p>
<p>Objective will improve operational efficiencies by reducing the time and costs associated with accessing information but it will also support LandCorp’s compliance with the State Records Act (WA) 2000 and the State Records Commission Principles and Standards 2002.</p>
<p>Mr Tony Walls, CEO, Objective Corporation said: “We are delighted that LandCorp has chosen Objective. It builds on our already strong presence in WA, which is an important market for Objective. We are committed to the region, employing an ever growing number of experienced, local people.</p>
<p>“We are thrilled to be able to support LandCorp in their continual growth and provide a single, comprehensive solution that will solve their document and record management needs and serve to support the key business function of maximising property returns and delivering social and economic benefits for the people of Western Australia,” said Mr Walls.</p>
<p>About LandCorp</p>
<p>LandCorp is the Western Australian Government's land and property developer. Focusing on sustainable development across the State, its work is aimed at securing economic and social prosperity for all Western Australians.</p>
<p>LandCorp's services include:</p>
<p>Providing sufficient industrial land to ensure the growth of Western Australia’s economy.</p>
<p>Urban development and renewal projects where unique opportunities or constraints exist.</p>
<p>Optimising triple bottom line outcomes from government-owned land.</p>
<p>Providing asset management and expert services to government.</p>
<p>Supporting the growth of regional towns Statewide through the provision of suitable land.</p>
<p>LandCorp has experience in each stage of a project's process from initial identification of land needs, through to planning, construction and marketing.</p>
<p>And because of its breadth of experience and project team approach, LandCorp has the flexibility to fulfil a range of roles and tailor its resources to meet individual needs.</p>
<p>These roles range from consultancy to project management, full equity involvement and joint venture.</p>
<p>Contact Information
Objective Corporation Limited
Ph: +61 2 9955 2288
Fax: +61 2 9955 5011

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