Sun revamps clustering software

Sun recently announced it has enhanced its Sun Cluster software, increasing server uptime and service levels.

Sun Cluster 3.0 lets system administrators dynamically configure Sun Enterprise 10000 servers and add, remove or change components, such as processors or memory, without taking the server down. Sun Cluster 3.0 supports servers ranging from the entry-level Netra T1 server to the new Sun Fire 15K servers.

The software is designed to support clusters of up to eight servers. The new release now hardens servers in the cluster against intrusions and denial-of-service attacks, and it protects the iPlanet Web Server, Apache Web Server and iPlanet Mail Server running on Sun servers under Solaris 8.

In addition, the software has been enhanced to include a development tool called the SunPlex Agent Builder, which creates precompiled binary programs that can be installed without additional code.

As before, Sun Cluster 3.0 provides error detection, software and hardware failover. When a server in the cluster fails, users may see a slight interruption in service and need to reconnect.

The software supports a variety of storage environments including Sun StorEdge T3 and 9910-9960 arrays, as well as EMC Symmetrix arrays. It works with Sun StorEdge Network FC Switch-8 and Switch-16 Fibre Channel switches, as well as Brocade Silkworm 2400 and 2800 switches. It uses 100M bit/sec to Gigabit Ethernet adapter interconnects between servers.

The software is available now and is free for current Sun Cluster 3.0 customers. New users of Sun Cluster 3.0 can purchase it for US$1,000 per server with support.

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