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The Learning Group Addresses Gap in Learning Between Generation Y and Baby Boomers

  • 25 February, 2008 16:11

<p>Sydney, 25 February 2008</p>
<p>The Learning Group, a specialist Australian e-learning development company, has launched an upgrade to its LearningRoom online rapid learning solution with new features which now enable organisations to capture the experiences of their employees and then share this with their colleagues throughout the organisation.</p>
<p>LearningRoom 7.6, the latest upgrade to The Learning Group's e-learning platform, allows staff to easily capture video, audio or text interviews with subject matter experts, and then deploy that knowledge using its LearningMail technology. LearningRoom integrates with both Windows intranet environments and Web 2.0 technologies. The solution has been designed specifically to leverage the comfort that Generation Y staff have with technology, by giving them the tools to capture and gain the experience of longer-serving employees.</p>
<p>"A recurring theme in human resources is that organisations lose sight of their experience. The amount of effort expended on recruitment and orientation can be disproportionate to the return, whereas many organisations do not place enough value on experienced staff, not just in terms of staff retention, but more importantly in experience transfer," said Daniel Meek, Director, Business Solutions, The Learning Group.</p>
<p>LearningRoom is a hosted system which allows training departments to create, schedule, deliver and report on, online learning activities. Learning objects are "pushed" to employees using standard email, subscription, or mobile technologies.</p>
<p>At the same time, management benefits from receiving detailed employee response-tracking. It is designed to deliver a series of brief learning encounters which increases employee interaction with learning materials, shortens employee training time, and increases the retention of the material.</p>
<p>"We are seeing a lot of attention and resource being focused on addressing the "attract and retain" silos of the talent spectrum which is obviously important in the current skill climate. However, we believe that there is a high value in capturing not only the skills of those workers that are viewed as "high achievers" but also in the fabric of how they go about their "way of work". It is this expert experience that we want to help our clients to capture and share with their new and developing employees."</p>
<p>"By leveraging a combination of Web 2.0, video, push delivery and its ThinkBreak(TM) technology, LearningRoom 7.6 allows staff to have a targeted experience delivered to their desktop, while still giving administrators recording and reporting of learning accessed and completed," said Meek.</p>
<p>About The Learning Group
Established in 1993, The Learning Group is a specialist Australian
e-learning development and learning services company. The organisation has more than 275 clients, including global corporations, and more than 1.4 million learner hours of online learning experience.
Its LearningRoom rapid-response online learning environment enables clients to manage small interactive online and blended learning activities, including LearningMail and "ThinkBreaks", which provide organisations with rapid, sustainable bite-sized pieces of training as part of a company's learning and communications campaigns.</p>

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