Zvents releases open-source cluster database

An already-working open source database project could let other web companies join Google for bragging rights as the owners of a thousand-node database cluster.

Brian Aker, director of architecture for open source database supplier MySQL AB, says that he can see a development path that would bridge the gap from the Hypertable API to a full SQL database. In an email interview, he wrote, "Someone could turn this into a backend for MySQL without a lot of effort. You would gain an SQL interface by doing this." For Hypertable as is, Aker says he can see several applications. Besides log data, Hypertable could be useful for image and object servers, and for pre-rendering responses to Representational State Transfer (REST) queries produced by web applications.

REST, explained in one of last year's hot web development books, RESTful Web Services, is a design philosophy for web applications that exposes a web application as a large tree of URLs. Since a client could potentially request or post data to one of many URLs, each responsible for a small piece of information, Hypertable could be a useful way to scale the REST server to handle more traffic.

As a new software project, Hypertable is free to choose an all-star list of tools for development infrastructure. Judd says the project is using Git for version control, CMake as a cross-platform build tool, and Google's own Google Code for bug tracking.

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