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Like astronomers, antivirus researchers get the chance to name a virus if they discover it. But the naming process is a serious matter with plenty of factors to consider, according to Computer Associates antivirus research manager Jakub Kaminski. Sometimes there is a timeframe of about 10 minutes to select a name and it shouldn't have too much flair or promote the virus writer in anyway which is probably why we get those sexy names like Win32.SirCam. 137216. Then it is filed away with 250,000 other viruses kept at the CA lab. Less than 10,000 of those on file have actually seen the light of day.


The much persecuted IT department was bound to make the top 10 list of a TMP survey asking 6000 workers in Australia what they found most annoying in the workplace. While an irritating mobile phone ring was rated more annoying than a colleague with body odour and bad breath, the typical focus for workplace grievance was the good old fax machine, printer and other faulty equipment. Workers said outdated or poorly functioning equipment and colleagues who don't fix paper jams stresses them out. And where are those IT guys anyway?


It's not easy for an IT manager to maintain the faith after a failed ERP rollout to take a crack at it a second time. But teddybear maker Russ Berrie & Co is having another go at retiring its legacy systems after a three year saga that included a $US10.3 million hit from a failed installation of packaged applications. The toys and gift distributor plans to roll out JD Edwards' OneWorld Xe suite of ERP, CRM and financial applications over the next 18 months. The cautious rollout follows a failed implementation that took many its new applications off-line. The company's CIO Michael Saunders wouldn't identify the software vendors involved but sources said SAP AG's applications were part of the 1999 project. SAP declined to comment because of pending litigation between the two companies.

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