Borland says Kylix is complete

Borland Corp., at the LinuxWorld conference in New York on Wednesday, will announce that Kylix, its toolset for Linux-based applications, is finished and will ship later this month.

The Scotts Valley, Calif.-based tools vendor is claiming that the RAD (rapid application development) tools will help Linux in the enterprise by enabling developers to port and build applications to Linux.

"Kylix both changes what you can do with Linux and, more important, brings a whole bunch of new developers to Linux," said Ted Shelton, a senior vice president at Borland.

Kylix was built with Visual Basic and Delphi programmers in mind, and thus is an event-driven, visual programming language, according to Michael Swindell, Borland's Kylix product manager.

"Kylix is aimed at a developer that has a different set of skills than people who use Java, so there's a whole new group of people who can use Linux," said John Mann, a senior consultant/analyst at the Patricia Seybold Group in Boston.

Mann continued that without a set of tools such as Kylix, Windows developers that use Borland's Delphi tool would have to learn both a new operating system and a new toolset to write to Linux.

Borland's Swindell, however, claims that Kylix carries no learning curve for Visual Basic or Delphi users.

"Coming from the perspective of Delphi itself, you can tell that Borland has gone to great lengths to make it really close to Delphi," said Blaine Whittle, director of development at Apropos Retail, a Lynnwood, Wash.-based company that builds retail management systems.

"Kylix hides the OS from you for writing basic applications, but if you get into the low-level Linux OS, there is still a lot to be learned," Whittle said.

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