ActiWATE speeds Web application testing

If there is one development process that will drive your programmers nuts it is serious testing of browser-based applications written in JavaScript. Casual testing is not a problem but regression testing with browser-based systems tends to be difficult and sloppy because of the lack of testing tools.

A solution to this problem developed by Actimind is actiWATE, the Actimind Web Application Testing Environment that emulates browsers such as MSIE or Netscape with JavaScript support.

ActiWATE emulates browser and action-based scripting, provides access to HTML data, supports Java for test development, provides a test writing module, includes JUnit integration, allows testing of timed actions, supports HTTP and HTTPS protocols, supports JavaScript and logging and failure reports, is cross-platform, and - and this is huge - it is free of charge.

Planned future enhancements include a GUI application for running tests and analyzing results and a Web-based application or centralized management and running of tests and viewing test results in HTML format.

This product looks promising and for large projects might provide the bridge between development and quality assurance that is often missing or weak in conventional Web browser application development environments.

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