IPStar Australia announces 12 year NSO deal with ETT Ltd

Deal worth a minimum AU$665 million in reveneue

Satellite broadband carrier IPStar Australia Pty Ltd (IPA) announced today it has entered into a 12 year definitive agreement with ASX-listed ETT Limited as the exclusive National Service Operator (NSO) for services in Australia.

Based on the agreement, ETT Limited will be responsible for the wholesale supply of IPStar products and services to both existing and new service providers.

ETT, a supplier specialising in transaction processing and public Internet access solutions, will commence its IPStar business from January 1, 2008, onwards.

ETT chairman, Larry Shutes said, the company will supply satellite broadband to consumer and corporate customers across Australia with a particular focus on the more than one million regional Australians who have limited or no landline broadband access.

Shutes said over the past 18 months considerable effort had been placed on consolidating and developing ETT's core operations, products and relationships with the objective of becoming the premium provider of alternate electronic and IP-based communication and transaction services in Australia.

"We will build on the network already established here by IPStar to provide a reliable and affordable broadband service to regional Australia," he said.

IPStar Australia general manager, Teerasak Sawekpun, ETT has put together a promising business case around the IPStar technology.

"It has also built a strong relationship with existing major IPStar service providers who will turn to be ETT's retail arm after taking over the service distribution responsibility from IPStar Australia," Sawekpun said.

This exclusive NSO contract with ETT provides IPStar Australia with minimum revenue commitment of AU$665 million over a 12 year period.

The commitment comprises of 131,500 IPStar User terminals and approximately 3.5 Gbps (Giga-bits-per-second) of IPStar capacity.

"ETT will be promoting the IPStar brand and commercialization of services while IPStar Australia will be responsible for operation and growth of its platform," Sawekpun said.

"Australia currently has over one million households that do not have access to land line broadband services and we will be able to address the needs of these unserved and under-served markets."

Established in Australia since 2004, IPStar is a wholly owned subsidiary of Thailand's Shin Satellite Plc ("SATTEL"), and manages more than 10 service providers.

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