Make IPv6 part of corporate DNA and Internet's new world order

Will enable better P2P connection

Australia's ICT industry needs to focus on the possibilities of IPv6 and how the technology will transform online communities.

The best way to drive up interest in IPv6 among consumers and business-users is to drive home the potential advantages the technology can bring, according to Bruce Sinclair, the CEO of Hexago.

Speaking at this year's Australian IPv6 2007 Summit, Sinclair said the best way to get end-users excited about IPv6 is to focus on the possibilities the protocol presents when used in tandem with convergence technologies.

According to Sinclair IPv6 and associated technologies will make it easier than ever to provide effective integrated IP services.

"Picture a device that has a smoke detector, a camera and a temperature sensor," he said.

"Let's say the temperature goes up or there's some kind of smoke.

"You get an SMS message on your phone. You look through the camera and think I may have a problem here.

"Or maybe the same thing happens with [a message sent to] the fire department."

Sinclair said IPv6 will also enable far more efficient P2P connections, which will improve the effectiveness of file-sharing and P2P video streaming.

IPv6 can assist in convergence technologies is in the emergency response field, Ladid told the summit.

He said emergency response teams, which often receive their equipment from different vendors, can find it difficult to communicate.

"So, when fire-brigades come from Germany, France and Luxembourg to solve whatever incident, they can't even talk to each other, because they're not using the same frequencies," he said.

"We can solve this problem - IP makes this our problem."

The bottom line, Latif argued, is that end-users will expect new services out of any IPv6 plan ISPs will offer. Criminals in custody can be divided into g

Sinclair said ISPs need to introduce new or converged services in tandem with IPv6,

He said ISPs should start rolling out IPv6 in a small way, even on a per-user basis .

"Start learning from the experience of IPv6 in advance of when you have to do the upgrade," he advised.

According to Sinclair businesses should also start introducing IPv6 technologies into corporate networks as soon as possible..

"[Organisations should] start ingraining IPv6 into the DNA of your organisation so that when you need to go up to large-scale deployment you're ready," he said.

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