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Social Security Appeals Tribunal implements Objective ECM

  • 28 November, 2007 13:40

<p>Commonwealth agency, Social Security Appeals Tribunal (SSAT) has selected Objective Corporation’s (ASX:OCL) enterprise content management (ECM) solution to streamline the processing of more than 10,000 appeals it receives each year and help it comply with National Archives of Australia recordkeeping standards.</p>
<p>The SSAT is a commonwealth statutory authority within the Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs portfolio, with offices in each state and the ACT. It conducts hearings and reviews appeals of decisions on social security, family assistance, education or training payments made by Centrelink, the Child Support Agency and Department of Veterans Affairs.</p>
<p>In an enterprise-wide implementation, Objective will be used to support SSAT’s appeals processes, where SSAT expects to deliver improvements in both the time it takes to process appeals and the consistency and quality of decision-making.</p>
<p>In conducting and reviewing appeals, the SSAT accumulates a wealth of information from its referring agencies and people appealing decisions. As appeals are lodged with SSAT and hearings conducted by member-panels, associated documentation will be stored in Objective. Decisions are drafted and reviewed by panel members then finalised. Final decisions and the reasons are then provided to both the applicant and the referring agency. The decision writing and version control will be facilitated by Objective.</p>
<p>Objective will also be used as the central content management system for all of SSAT’s corporate administrative functions for example, human resources, finance, information technology and legal.</p>
<p>In seeking a solution, the SSAT were looking for improvements in information management:</p>
<p>Faster and easier searching, access to and retrieval of information;</p>
<p>Eliminate silos of information from each state office creating a central repository of all information;</p>
<p>Compliance with National Archives of Australia and Australian National Audit Office requirements.</p>
<p>Through improvements to its information management practices, the SSAT expects to gain improvements in its business processes:</p>
<p>Better information sharing amongst staff and members throughout the country.</p>
<p>Better use of existing knowledge to deliver quicker and more consistent decision-making.</p>
<p>Increased efficiency in the appeals process.</p>
<p>Mr Dobe Temelkovski, Corporate Services Manager, SSAT said: “With improvements in the discovery of existing information, our staff and members with authorised access will be able to access more information to do with specific applications or appeals.</p>
<p>“Wherever they are located, staff and members (statutory appointments) will be able to see previous decisions on similar cases and identify why certain decisions were made. This provides a valuable resource for them to use in making new decisions - while each case is individually reviewed on its merits, it will also assist with decision making consistency.”</p>
<p>Objective was selected following a competitive public tender. Short-listed candidates were subject to intense scrutiny by a range of business users within SSAT. In the area of usability, accessibility and overall look and feel, Objective was the favoured solution by users.</p>
<p>About the Social Security Appeals Tribunal</p>
<p>The SSAT is the first level of external review of decisions made by Centrelink and the Child Support Agency (CSA) about social security, family assistance, education or training and child support payments. Its statutory objective is to provide a mechanism of review that is ‘fair, just, economical, informal and quick’.</p>
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